Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cathedral of Erotic Misery

Precedent - "Cathedral of Erotic Misery", by Kurt Schwitters

Kurt Schwitters' 'Cathedral of Erotic Misery', or 'Merzbau' was an installation/work of art/environment created between 1923-1937 in an apartment in Hannover. Construction of the Merzbau was halted in 1937 as Schwitters was forced to flee Germany after being declared a "degenerate artist" by the Nazi party. It was essentially a physical collage of artefacts found, owned or used by Kurt Schwitters
which consumed 6 or more rooms of his family house. The work itself was, in essence, a manifestation of the artists life, and one of the most complex and revered examples of collage in the 20th century.

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